Saving,  both in time and at the economic level, is one of the most notable and direct benefits that is usually associated with faster and automated management,  in the first case, and better cost management, in the second case . But, although they are the most direct advantages, there are many others.

So, this is an advantage that affects the moment of contracting the service, so we deal with a position that is immediate. Also, these processes are disintermediated, a fact that gives more power and control to the company. Also, on the other hand, it is possible to improve the analysis of these processes, thanks to the information and data that we can obtain, more detailed, more updated, more realistic, etc.

Financial Technology Is And Makes Us More Efficient

The application of technology to finance can make processes or management of a company more efficient. The techno-financial sector is characterized by being micro-segmented since there is a multitude of fintech startups that offer many services and very specific. This is in contrast to the traditional financial sector where there are few actors, generally large, that provide a large number of services (such as banks that offer payment services, loans, insurance, trading, asset management, etc.).   This automation supposes a great specialization since it offers very concrete services. Thus, its high degree has a high level of efficiency and quality of services, as well as a quick and agile response.